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Our Services

As a software development service provider, VarByte strives to provide our customers quality application development services and web development services that help them to remain in step with their competitors. For this, we use modern software development platforms, application development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

Using structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with offshore software development engagement. We help our customers to develop custom software applications and assist them throughout the entire software development life cycle including project management, systems analysis & design, development, implementation, training and application maintenance.

Our Offerings :
  • Custom Application Development
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Portal and Content Management
  • Legacy Migration
  • System Re-engineering

In a nutshell, our strong technical team can help ensure that the software development services we provide fit your business needs and meet your expectations. Our software development services includes :

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Software Development

We specialize in the development of custom software applications. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development.

VarByte team possess expertise in wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, MVC, WCF, Workflows, WPF, XML, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle and many more. This ensures that right technologies are adopted for different nature of business needs.

We adapted Agile development methodologies to ensure each development effort transforms to added business value even from the initial phase of the development process. Our certified scrum masters ensures that the team is on track with respect to effort, cost and quality.

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Business Intelligence

VARBYTE Tech's offers Business Intelligence services with deep understanding of the business and technology dimensions. We provide solutions to manage organizational data in well-designed data warehouse which improves fast & easy access to required information to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service.

Our service & solutions of data warehousing, data mining and information analytics services help you measure, analyze and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise. VARBYTE Business intelligence Services are:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Storage (Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Master Data Storage and Staging)
  • Data Delivery (Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, Ad-hoc, Dashboards, Geographic Information Systems, Data Mining, event driven BI and Packaged Analytics / Applications)
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Software Testing

VarByte Software Testing & Business Analysis services provide valuable severance between your development team and the control activities that will ultimately determine system's quality to provide a solid foundation for your project.

  • Software Test Automation

    VarByte is a comprehensive solution provider, specialized in Automation Services across various domains. Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals has a mission of bringing in automation to your business in building high quality testing harnesses and frameworks, provides you with an expert partner to make your project a success.

  • Security Testing

    VarByte delivers a comprehensive solution that minimizes application failures and helps achieve business results on time with high quality. The domain and industry focused testing services provided by VarByte, can ensure that your IT solutions as well as products meet growing business needs with high security, high performance and availability. VarByte specializes in the following security testing services:

    • Web Application Security
    • Security Code Review
    • Product Security