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ACE (Automated Custom Engagement )

Automated Custom Engagment

ACE is a web-based, enterprise application to efficiently manage the customs clearing & regulatory needs in most efficient & hassle free manner. It’s a well integrated platform to control and track different types of Electronic data interchange (SBs, BEs, Consol IGMs).

ACE Offers various business critical solution for Import/Export Domain. Along with Automating the custom export/import Job filing we also provide following features :

Features :
  • Web based integrated platform
  • Centralized data for all branches
  • Best performance in web solutions
  • Online filing via ICEGATE
  • ICEGATE & e-mail Synchronization
  • Tracking & MIS Reports
  • Accurate Annexures & Checklist
  • Real time updated data
  • Hassle free data migration
  • Secure data with regular backups
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Validate jobs before submission
  • Bulk Import of SBs/BEs
  • Workflow based Tracking
  • Work Queue management
  • Categorize the jobs
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Trainers Desk

TrainersDesk offers a WIN-WIN platform for everyone with its unique features like Negotiate on trainings, Bidding on requirements & create Group Deal for Training.

Trainers :
  • Post training & advertise their training offering to the world
  • Negotiate on individual trainings with individual trainees to get best deal
  • Browse Training requirement posted by corporates / Trainees / Training vendors
  • Bidding on Training Requirements posted by corporates / Trainees / Training vendors
  • Offer trainings to group of people requesting for a Training requirements
  • Post Training Requirement to get Best trainers
  • Browse Trainings offered by trainers across the world
  • Offer Training Requirement for bidding to get best offer from trainers
  • Negotiate on posted training to get best deal
  • Create Group of people for training Requirement to get Group Deal for training
  • Get world’s best trainers at one place
  • Bidding to get best offers for their training requirements from best trainers
  • Negotiate with Trainers on Seats, Duration & price
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NaagPost e-News

NaagPost started its journey in the world of Journalism in 2010 as weekly newspaper. Since then it has flourished day by day and has played a critical and vital role in the inspiring and welfare of society. It covers the latest news and deals with the day to day situation with equanimity and fare judgment. NaagPost provides information and entertainment through its supplements dealing with almost all the subjects.

Features :
  • Latest news updates
  • Uploading videos